Flymaple-A flight controller with 10 DOF IMU

  • Flymaple-A flight controller with 10 DOF IMU
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Flymaple-A flight controller with 10 DOF IMU

Flymaple is a Quadcopter controller board, based on the Maple Project. The FlyMaple embeds a STM32F103RET6 (ARM Cortex-M3) as it's main MCU. It integrates a 3-Axis accelerometer,a 3-Axis gyroscope,a 3-Axis compass and a barometric pressure sensor. By using the 10 dgrees of freedom IMUs and powerful 72MHz high-performation microcontroller, flymaple is powerful enough to handle a complex algorithm and manage a robot motion system at the same time.
The design of flymaple is based on the maple, which is an arduino sytle ARM processor. The Maple IDE will make Processing/Arduino programmers feel right at home. If you're familiar with Arduino then you can get started with the Maple IDE quite easily.
Flymaple is aimed to run on the balancing robots,mobile platform,helicopters and quadcopters which require IMUs and high performance real time controllers. It has an amazing scalability, because it's compatible with the Arduino shields. FlyMaple extends 6 PWM channels  and 8 channels for GPIO for controlling ESC/Servo and capturing RC receiver input.
Balancing robots
Indoor inertial navigation
Working Voltage: 5v
7~12v External Power supply from the 2p JST connector
Output Voltage: 3.3v/5v or External input power
Microcontroller: STM32F103
Running at 72Mhz with 32bit Arduino sytle ARM processor(Cortex-M3)
Bootloader: Leaflabs Maple RET6 Edition
10 Degrees of Freedom on a single, flat board:
ITG-3200 - triple-axis digital-output gyroscope
ADXL345 - 13-bit resolution, ±16g, triple-axis accelerometer
HMC5883L - triple-axis, digital magnetometer
BMP085 - high-precision barometric pressure sensor
Programable through an Arduino-based development environment - Maple IDE
Compatible with most of Arduino shields
Extends 6 channels PWM pins for controlling ESC/Servo
Extends 8 channels GPIO for capturing RC receiver output
3x 4p JST connectors:
Serial port 1
GPS extension port
I2C interface
Size: 50x50x12mm
Weight: 15g
Envionment Friendly: Rohs Compliance
Shipping List:
Flymaple v1.1 1 unit

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